Anvi Legal was set-up to assist legal departments and practices to provide a platform that offers affordable access to legal support for everyone.

Three easy to use proprietary platforms – Anvi Insight, Anvi Intelligence and Anvi Robot –provide accurate and thorough information that can rapidly be retrieved and implemented to improve research efficiency.


Used in addition to traditional case analysis tools, Anvi Legal provides advanced research output quality. Our highly developed Artificial Intelligence platforms improves the execution of legal research, compared to the use of traditional methods.

We place the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do. This enables us to adapt and create tailored packages to each and every one of our clientele. Our detailed approach produces results that are guaranteed to enhance the performance of any legal research process.

Why Us?



All three of our systems are not only easy to use but adaptable to the size and scale of each project or organisation. No matter how complex or detailed the case or requirement, we make the process easy to understand.



Research can often be the slowest and most arduous part of a legal case. Our platforms significantly reduce not only the time spent performing due diligence but the often costly associated costs, allowing you to place resources in other key areas.



Not only do you need legal research data to be sourced quickly, but it has to be 100% accurate. By listening to our clients and implementing strict quality assurance procedures, we produce the quality results you expect.



Put simply, we care because you do. Your documentation contains sensitive and confidential material and we provide transparent technology you are in control of. By working together we build a unique system to match your individual preferences.