Anvi Legal has set-up to assist legal departments and practices to provide a platform that offers affordable access to legal support for everyone.

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Artificial Intelligence In Legal Sector

The Legal profession has moved from manual tasks to AI driven solutions; Artificial intelligence is not just a concept any more. With the use of latest AI Machine Learning Anvi Legal provides an unmatchable vision to analyse and draft documents and also helps you to understand the precedent made in actual case laws.

Artificial Intelligence Software

How Anvi Insight Helps You

Helping Lawyers Perform Due Diligence,
M&A, Contract Review&Research

Providing additional insights &
“shortcuts” through Analytics

Automating creative Processes
(including some writing)in legal work

Anvi Insight Benefits & Features

  • Extract Vital Information

  • Time Reduction up to 80%

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Accurate Data

  • Single Click Contract Review

  • Organize & Tag Documents

  • On-premises Or Secured Cloud


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Anvi Legal features

How It Works

Anvi Insight – smart yet intuitive. An expedited 5-step method automatically processes the uploaded contract by a machine learning algorithm and identifies essential clauses. In the end, it exports the analysis report, extracted from the agreement in Single-click.

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