Anvi Insight is the fastest and most accurate way to analyse multiple legal contracts to find the precise data you need. It ensures that any potential errors are highlighted before being submitted, improving the consistency and quality of your contract work.

Create a Dedicated Legal Network

The system offers a number of flexible tools to share and collaborate with both internal and external team members. This allows for a wide network of legal professionals to add their input in a timely and organised fashion, keeping all of the alterations and suggestions in one easily accessible place.

AI That Grows With Your Needs

There are only six simple steps to follow, which puts you in complete control of the documentation at all times. You can create custom templates and clauses, which will train the Machine Learning software to work specifically to your individual parameters.

Create Project/Sub Project

Creating a new project is easy. If you are starting afresh, simply enter your clients name and the project name and description, before clicking submit.

If you wish to create a sub-project linked to an existing project, simply select the project from the drop down menu at the top. Then create a new sub-project name and description, before clicking submit.


Upload Document

Next you will have the chance to upload any contracts you wish to analyse. You can choose to upload or drag the required document into the blue field at the top of the screen, which will then be listed in the bottom half. Choose from PDF, PNG, TXT or Word doc files.


With your contract now securely uploaded to the system you can now select the clauses you wish to apply to the document. This enables you to extend or decrease the search to match what you are searching for.


Result Page

Once Anvi Insight has finished scanning and reading the documents based on your criteria, the results will be displayed in an easy to read format. On the left you will find the filtered results, while on the right you will see the documentation in full, so you can view the comparison.


This will display the complete list of all the documents associated with your project. Files can be assigned to other team’s members to review and the check the contents by simply selecting with the Assign User button.


Export Document

To export the file, select the required format, which will either be DOCX, PNG, PDF or TXT. Select your preferred layout in columns or by rows and click export.