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We Are India’s First Artificial Intelligence Based Contract Analysis Platform.

How Anvi Works

Anvi uses Machine learning artificial intelligence techniques to read Judgements & legal documents. Anvi reads the documents & then applies Machine learning techniques to explore the agreement in a readable way. It then compares the agreement with other contracts & then measures the risk & fairness of the agreement.

Anvi Insights Features

Anvi Insight help user's save 40-95% if time spent on contract review. Automatically apply the provision that matters.


It allows collaboration of multiple users for document reviews users can annotate legal documents and assign labels to contract clauses and share the annotated documents with other team members for further review.

Document Support

Anvi Insights supports popular document formats like word documents, PDF, Excel, and scanned documents in JPG, GIF format, The processed documents can be imported which are well labeled using the Contract/Agreement Clauses for easy review and sharing with stake holders of the contract.

Custom Templates

Anvi allows users to create their own custom Template from the master Template provided by Anvi Insights and use custom template to process and extract Contract/Agreement clauses of their interest which helps in review of important and selected clauses of the document.


It can process and extract the Contract Clauses, It currenlty supports 100+ Keywords.

Contract/Agreement Clauses

Anvi Insights can process and extract the commonly used Contract /Agreement Clauses, It currenlty supports 50 such Contract/Agreement Clauses, we are in process of adding more clauses in our future releases

Custom Clauses

Our future releases will support creating of user defiend custom clauses where user can create their own custom clauses to process, extract and label the document clauses as per their need, this feature will allow users to have complete control over document process and extraction as fit for their use. This will allow users to create custom clauses and train the Machine Learning Model as needed.

How Anvi Insights Works


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